Monday, April 23, 2007

Mystics - Brown county, Indiana 1966

Ahhh, the Mystics, the first band I ever tried to hunt down. And I was successful. The cast of characters were:

Jerry Pittman - Drums
Leon Pittman - Bass
Robert Bowden - Rhythm
Brian Gordon - Lead

This pic is from March 1966.
I met Jerry first, and he told me about the good times the band had. His brother Leon had passed away. And Robbie, I had seen and said hello to a thousand times, but never knew he was one that I was looking for. Robbie has been a great source of info on bands, studios, and the general state of things in the area in '66. He still plays, so go see him!!!!! And he says "somewhere" is a tape of the band rehearsing, so lets keep our fingers crossed that I get to post it one day!

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blue said...

awaiting for this band ^^
greets from hongkong