Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Young Society - Ft. Wayne 1967

Exciting News! The Young Society was one of many bands that flourished in Ft. Wayne , mid '60's.

Young Society (left to right):

Doug Gard - drums
Steve Zweig - Organ - rhythm guitar
Lee Stamm - Bass
Dave Lloyd - Lead guitar

Obviously folk rock was the focus, but the boys could rock. Beatles, Byrds, James Brown, Them, Turtles, and more were on the Young Society's set list. They also had at least 3 original songs that I know of.

I have swapped a few e*mails with Steve, and was kind enough to send the newspaper article (that is in much better shape than the one I had). And the NEWS........ Lee still had some rehearsal tapes, and next thing you know, they are in my hands on CD. Stunning. And very soon they will share a couple of songs with the Indiana 60's Band Szene followers.

 Presenting "OPUS 1", an original written and performed by "The Young Society. Strong tune with a pounding beat, pulsating organ, and a wicked fuzz break! If it had a scream in the lyrics, it would be a 10 on the garage-o-meter (editorial license, it is MY blog!).


Anonymous said...

lee is gonna try some Protools on the songs. When he has the finished product we hope to post a couple of the best for y'all to enjoy. Stay tuned!! Steve Z

vinylfool said...

Looking forward to it. Some of the raw songs stand on their own though.