Monday, January 11, 2010

Suns of Summer

Suns of Summer - mid 1967.

What you see is what I know, anyone have the "rest of the story"?


RainbowDemon1952 said...

Don't have any info for you other than the face that I had the opportunity to see this band twice at the Community Building in Rushville back in 1968 or 69. Really good band as I recall!

Anonymous said...

There was a band out of Arlington HS in the sixties. They were originally called The Equations and changed their names to Suns of Sons of Summer. The played the Teen Fairs, Battle of the Bands at the Fair Grounds, Meadows Shopping Center, Pendleton Pike Drive in. They also played at Longacre. Lead Guitar was Tom Zentz, Rhythm guitar was Joe Bennett, Bass Guitar was Dean Hinshaw and Drums was Todd More