Friday, January 1, 2010

Lovin' Kind - Ft. Wayne

Teenage moppets from Concordia and South Side High Schools, Ft. Wayne, 1967.

The Lovin' Kind :
Brian Kosteck - seated - drums
Jim Papagiannis - far left - lead guitar
Bruce Etzler - far right - bass
Gary Hall - back left - lead singer
Ken Schiebenberger - back right - Rhythm guitar

The Lovin' Kind started in Sept. '66, and added Brian and Gary in early '67. With the "Animals" being the groups favorite band, the Lovin' Kind had big dreams for the future. Bruce had one song " I Like" arranged and ready for recording, but it's unknown if they ever got to the studio.

Thanks for the memories boys! It's time to be heard from. Recordings, records, other bands, funny stories? We will keep a spot here open for you.

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