Friday, February 26, 2010

Saharas - Plymouth

For your consideration, from Plymouth High School - 1966 - we present The Saharas.

The Saharas were chosen to be the music of the kids for the Republican party fundraisers. Maybe because of these kids (parents were business and country club socialites) Nixon won the '68 election.
The Saharas traveled to Columbus in '66, and this was the only photo I could find. The Go-Go girls were a hit, but the word is they played "too loud". Hard to imagine, but times were different.

Members were:

Larry Truman
Kurt Kralovanshy
Jim Boudreau
Dan Williams
Steve Robertson

The Saharas left us one 45, with a truly dazzlin' sleeve.
Hear the songs:

Spirit of '66
Because of Him

Hope we hear from the guys (or gals). I wrote to Kurt back in '98 or '99, but never heard back. Hope they are all doing well, and still love the music.


Anonymous said...

Nixon actually won the election in '68, not '67.

vinylfool said...

Just one of many typos I have made and will make. Thanks for looking though!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick thanks for this and all the stuff you post. Such a great resource. I'm going to be playing "Spirit of '66" tonight on WFHB's (Bton) Local Music show for sure. Hilarious good ol' times!


vinylfool said...

Let me know if you ever need music for a local show Liza. I'm easy to find. Is Jim still in charge over there?

Lobstar said...

Jim is still the music director, yes. I was subbing for the Local show tonight, it's not my regular gig, but I do like to throw local music and/or random oddities in my general afternoon mixes as well. If I find myself wanting for anything, I'll be sure to hit you up, although I've periodically been collecting your stuff for a while now. Thanks again, Liza

Anonymous said...

The Saharas were ok but they were heavy towards pre-bubblegum type music. They were preceeded by a great local band in the Plymouth Indiana area called the Nomads. (note the name rip) The Saharas as you note were"republican", jocks, clickish types that went to college at Depauw, Hanover etc. The Nomads were bad (good bad). Their rep included some of the great R&B music that you would never hear on WLS. Members; Larry Inks, Mick Hindman, Gene Demont, Geoff Snyder. Great musicians and always put on a good show.

vinylfool said...

The Nomads seem like the kind of band I need to write about. Where are they. Many "Nomads" out there. Send them my way if you can.

Anonymous said...

After their Republican Party fair tour the Saharas performed at many venues such as Indiana Beach, Tippy Gardens, the Black Light, Stepan Center and they opened for groups like the Spencer Davis Group, Merseybeats, Ides of March and the Buckinghams.

Anonymous said...

Another great band from Plymouth was "Pooh and the Rebels"! They sang a mean "Hang on Sloopy".

Anonymous said...

These guys and gals gave their community a positive kick and everybody appreciated the short lived experience.

Unknown said...

There was another bad boy band back then out of argos and Rochester, The Highwaymen. Blew the saharas away back then. Took over the tennis courts at the park. These guys were definitely not republican stiffs. They could play virtually anything you could request.