Monday, May 31, 2010

Bare Facts - LaPorte - 68-69

Wes brings us the "Bare Facts", from LaPorte, Indiana.
A couple of guys in a band, The Intruders, know a couple of other guys in another band, mix in that they all go to the same school - LaPorte High School - and the Bare Facts are born.

Wes England explains:
"We were known as the Bare Facts. We recorded a few records at Universal Studios in Chicago, 1968, 1969, We toured all over the Midwest, playing with most of the major artists of the time. Such artists are James Brown, New Colony Six, Buckinghams, Turtles, American Breed, Derek and the Dominos, Tommy James and The Shondells. We played all the Circuits, The Hullabaloo Clubs, The Top Deck in South Bend, Orchestra Hall in Chicago and many more venues."
Behold the Bare Facts: L - R

Ron Shaw - Lead Guitar / Horns
Bob Nebelung - Drums
Wes England - Bass
Dan Topolski - Rhythm guitar
Jim Sipe - Lead Vocals
Dave Curtis - Keyboards / Horns
The presenter of the trophy is Clark Weber - WLS personality.
Steve Kirkman - not pictured / lead singer replaced by Jim Sipe.

"The biggest influences on the band were probably the brass or horns, along with harmonies, We were one of the only groups in the mid-sixties that actually played on stage with horns. Many groups recorded with horns, but did not actually have them. The Buckinghams is a good example. They did not have a horn section.
Also, we took great pride in our vocals. most groups had a lead vocalist, but did not really focus on tight harmonies. We did. Every guy in the group sang, or performed back up vocals on most every song, unless it was not required, of course. We also did songs that other groups did not perform. Songs like "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head", "It's Not Unusual" along with most every Four Tops song.
We actually would be let out of High School at Noon on Friday's, so that we could make our first gig on Friday night. We would play Friday in Chicago, Saturday in Burlington Iowa and then Sunday in Springfield, Ill. The next week would be Detroit, Mi to Findlay, Oh, to Indianapolis, In. It was a great time.
We would actually bump into many big time bands, on the road, at rest stops etc."

The Bare Facts also had a recording session that resulted in a couple original tunes:

Does She Love Me / Think I'm Falling in Love

Wes is working on getting the tunes from reel to reel, don't think it made it to 45 stage. should be a treat when we can share it! And here's loads of thanks for all the cool pics. This is just a few of them!!!!


Anonymous said...

A lot of great info (some I was aware, some I was not). Just wanted to let you know that, apart from Beatles/Paul McCartney, you and The Bare Facts are the primary reason I was inspired to pick up a bass and get into a band. Given that fact, I find it ironic that I wound up in a band with Dave's brother Lin (with Bill Wiles on guitar). Don't be too surprised if we wind up running into one another over the next year or so. Again, thanks from one musician to another.
Rich Wines

Lin Curtis said...

Dave Curtis, keyboards/vocals/trumpet/arranger, is my older brother. These guys were not only some of the most talented players in the region they were also great people who let younger brothers and friends hang out with them. I learned a great deal about preparation and professionalism from sitting in the wings at shows and at rehearsals. I know that one might say that I'm a bit biased, but as a professional drummer I can say that The Bare Facts were definitely "Top Shelf" entertainers. Ask their fans.
Lin Curtis

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of a band called the Squires from Hammond or Whiting, Indiana?

vinylfool said...

I wish I was of more help, but there were lot's of Squires. But maybe my crack team will help out!

Anonymous said...

My dad is Ron Shaw! How cool you have a web site for this :) I just googled LP bands, how funny Bare Facts came up! They got out of school at 12 on fridays!! I got in trouble for skipping saturday swim practice! HOW UN-FAIR!! lol Anyway just wanted to post a note

Mike Stiller said...

Last year at an event held in LaPorte, In. I was offered the chance to play sax with the Bare Facts during their performance. I remember as a kid watching these guys play and feeling that I was at a concert. They really were that good. Wes is right on when he stated the vocals were tight. I was a young sax player and could only dream of being in a group with such talent. The guys are REAL people that care about each other, and I've never felt more welcome. We had a great time together playing some of the favorites from the sixties. Guess what...I get to do it again this year. Double blessed to know and perform with this group after over 40 years of memories of them. May 17th at LaPorte County fairgrounds. I'll travel from Denver to join the group on stage. Shoot...I'd travel from Denmark!! Blessings guys. See you soon.

Unknown said...

The Bare Facts just completed 3 concert appearances, celebrating their 50 Year Reunion.

On July 9, 10 and 11, 2016. The Bare Facts performed three very memorable concerts supported by more than 2000 fans, at each event. The July 9 and 11 events were performed in The Bare Facts hometown of LaPorte,Indiana. The July 10th event was in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Many of the friends of the band, current musicians and others helped to make these 3 evenings very special. At the reunion event for The Bare Facts were, Jim Sipe - Lead Vocalist, Ron Shaw - Guitar, Dan Topolski - Guitar and Wes England - Bass Guitar. Remembered at the event were former band members Dave Curtis -Keys and Horn, who was unable to perform, and Bob Nebelung - Drums, who passed away a few years ago.

Helping to make this year's reunion performance the best it could be, were a number of great musicians. Jeff Gust - Drums, Kevin Torres - Keys, Glenn Miranda - Keys, Dan Sheet, Jim Leech, Mike Stiller, Harold Barr, and Bill Clark all on horns.

A special Thank You from the entire Bare Facts Band goes out to Roger Pruden, LaPorte, without whose help and support the entire event would not have been possible. So Thank You So Much, Roger.

A Huge Thanks to the people of LaPorte, Indiana and to the clubs, organizations and others, who supported us on these events and who have been loyal fans and friends throughout all the years.

Be sure and catch video of many of the performances later this year on Youtube and on Facebook. Say hello, while you are there.

The Bare Facts.......

Unknown said...

Once again a huge blessing Wes. Lets do it again!