Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Utopians - Ft. Wayne - 1967

The Utopians, formed in November 1966, all students at South Side High School - Ft. Wayne.

Seated - Dave Schwartz - organ
Standing from Left:
Jeff Goltz - rhythm guitar
Ron Russ - drums
Ralph Tourkow - bass
Mike Weintraub - lead guitar

Gleaning the "Utopians" from the perfect society of Thomas More's book, the boys strove for perfection in Rock n' Roll music so the name seemed appropriate. The Lovin' Spoonful was a big influence.

The Utopians were finalists in the National Combo competition category of the Talented Teen Search - Chicago -1967. Groups getting to that level were usually "offered" a recording contract. "Recordings Unlimited" normally gave studio time and the band was offered a deal on paying for the pressing of a 45.

Recordings? 45? Any future activity? We all want to know!

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Unknown said...

The lead guitarist is my dad!