Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six in the Morning - Elkhart

Presenting "Six in the Morning" from Elkhart , Indiana. This is one of the reasons I do this. Much information out there is just wrong! I know, I make plenty of mistakes myself. Look at the ad from August - 67, from DETROIT? No wonder I didn't think "Six In the Morning" had the Indiana pedigree.

Imagine my surprise when I received an e*mail from Bill Beaver:

"I was in this band from Elkhart that started as the Noble V in 1966 and became Six in the Morning after adding another member in 1967. We played throughout Indiana and the surrounding states until 1968 when we split up. Around central Indiana we played at Le Scene, Whiteland Barn, West Lake Beach Pavilion and The Jet Set Club. I’d like to see if anyone remembers Six in the Morning from Elkhart."


Jim Neher - Lead singer
Jim Anderson - Organ/Vocals
Bill Beaver - Bass/Vocals
Al Zavatsky - Rhythm guitar/organ/vocals
Gayle Davis - Lead guitar/vocals
Greg Huffman - drums/vocals

Also in the pic from Feb -68
Bob Ossyra -

The "photo" is from the local (Columbus, IN) paper. Many bands played at the Donner Park Center, literally less than a block from my house!


Anonymous said...

Yes, i remember the Noble Five as well as Six in the Morning. i was married to another Beaver's (cathy sp?) good friend, Kathy Davis. As i remember, all of the young ladies were hot for both of our bands. Remember playing in Warsaw, downtown and up the most gawd-awfull set of stairs, matched only by the Top Deck in terms of wishing we didn't own the biggest amps and the most drums of any group in the mid-west. What a great time to play music. Dave Patterson, Drummer extaordinaire, U.S. Male

GRand said...

I remember that band under both names and was an enthusiastic young fan. They and The Dukes (of Goshen) were the first local bands I saw that had Vox equipment (Super Beatle amps, Vox Continentals, etc.). Bill Beaver lived around the corner from my house. We used to play a made-up football-type game we called tackerola in his back yard and built Pot Luck Stadium back there, where we played a version of whiffle ball. As I recall, the Noble V / Six in the Morning played regularly at the National Guard Armory and sometimes in the summer at a pavilion in McNaughton Park.