Friday, March 2, 2007

The Lords of London

A band from Cardinal Ritter High School (August -'66).
Members included,
front to top:
Frank Wechsler (lead guitar)
Mike Lekse (bass)
Marty Lambert (rhythm guitar)
Richie Medvescek (organ)
Harry Cangany (drums).
Medvescek is a pretty uncommon name, perhaps he was a brother of John Medvescek of Sir Winston & the Commons fame (to be discussed here later)


Richie Medvescek, keyboards (yes, he is Johnny's brother-of Sir Winston and the Commons)
Harry Cangany, drums
Marty Lambert, rhythm guitar and lead vocals
Mike Lekse, bass
Frank Wechsler, lead guitar

Thanks Harry for the pics! Frank released a Cd last year, look him up!


Todd Lucas said...

I lived just down the way from Ritter high school in Indy for 12 years. Of course, that was long after 1966. In 1966, I was a two year-old, living in Lawrence, on Indy's NE side.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lekse, the second guy from the front, in this picture is my uncle. He's an exec at GM in Michigan and still cool enough to understandably have been in a band in the 1960's.

Harry's name is misspelled here - it's Harry CANGANY, who now owns the Drum Center of Indianapolis. Mr. Cangany has been, I understand, involved in many businesses over the years, including founding the "Mr. Video" chain of video rental stores in the very early days of that business (before Blockbuster came.) He used to do movie reviews on Channel 4, in the early 80's, I believe.

Dave Lekse, Greenwood

vinylfool said...

Thanks Dave! That is great info. Sounds like you appreciate that your uncle was "band cool in the '60s". If you have, or your uncle Mike would like to share any stories, tapes, or photos, I'd be more than glad to help document it!

Vinylfool, Columbus, IN

Tony said...

Hi I'm Tony Rinehart, bass player for Mankynd, a Franklin band from 66-67. saw your entry when I googled self. Have band info if you like. Incidently, the drummer was Bill Hahn, stilling playin' down south somewhere. Get in touch, I'm at

Anonymous said...

My brother was Marty Lambert,I remember when they started the band they cleaned a part of the basement out where they would practice.It was really cool because thats when the Beatles started to get realy popular. To this day when you go to Marty's house he'll get his guitar out for some good old rock and roll