Monday, March 5, 2007

Dawnells - Bogan Records

Tonight's installment is the Dawnells. I don't have a photo, but I know one exists (seen in the way out of print "Hoosier Hysteria"). Managed by TAGG Productions out of Bloomfield Indiana (same as the Sons Of Sound). Bogan Records (no #) Little Egypt / Scorpion. Little Egypt is the lieber-stoller tune, while Scorpion is your basic rockin' instrumental If you know who gave us these wonderful tunes, please help us. Meanwhile, listen to Little Egypt here.

This poster was found by Scott, who's father booked the Dawnells often at Dietz Lake. Thanks Scott!

From Olney, IL, this poster dates from 1967.

Mike sent a link to a YouTube Video:


Many great band pics on this video! The song rocks too!

Undated photo shows the Dawnells as a five piece, later shots have four members.

Mike Gater
Maurice Gater
Kenny Chaney - Lead Singer
Mike Parton - Bass
Larry Smith - Drums
Mike Baines - replaced Mike Parton

Kenny and wife were killed by a drunk driver in 1972.


Anonymous said...

McConville is a Jim McConville, according to BMI. He is listed as having written 3 other songs. All 4 are published by Fort Knox Music, which I believe was one of King Records' publishing companies.

vinylfool said...

Thanks euphonic!. Welcome to my blog. I just found the Louisville connection to Jim McConville. This 45 seems to be later, I suppose that the Dawnells heard it and were influenced by the Scorpion tune.

Unknown said...

The singer of the band was Kenny Chaney he was my husbands uncle. Two of the others were the Gator boys, my husband doesn't remember their first names. There was one other boy in the band. Kenny and his wife D-lee were killed by a drunk driver in 1972 leaving two sons behind,Kenny and John.

Mary said...

I left the blog about Kenny Chaney, but it went under my sons e-mail address. This is mine if you would like to contact me.

Jay said...

I loved this band and they were musical heros of mine.
As a kid I'd follow them everywhere (my Mom would take me).
The Gaters are Mike and Maurice.
Being albino brothers added to the bands uniqueness.
The band was managed by Jim Bogan and TAGG stood for Teen-A-Go-Go.
Jim had a teen club in Bloomfield and (of course) The Dawnells were pretty much the house band.

Sweet memories of a great band and times.

Melissa said...

My dad is Maurice Gater. @Jay, what a neat comment! Love to hear about this.

Anonymous said...

Larry Smith was the drummer. They played at the Solsberry Fireworks several years ago. Larry is my dad, and he will be tickled to see his recordings on the net.

Brian Smith

Mike Baines said...

Mike Parton played bass for the Dawnells. When he went into the service I took his place. After I left they went down to 4 members. You can hear a couple more songs on Youtube: . I have some poor quality songs that were demos. I'd like to hear from Larry.

Rick Wilkerson said...

Jim McConville--assuming it's the same one--has been GM at Radio Disney for several years. As far as I know, he's still there.

scott said...

I sent you a a picture of the Dawnells from a poster I have of them. Hope you can use it on your website.

Tim Parker said...

Use to go see "The Dawnells" when ever they came to Olney Il. They were My favorite They had great vocal harmony and were more than happy to show a shy teenager how it worked.
Later in the 70's I think I saw them on a tv show of Dick Clark's done in California...Was that them or some band that looked like them.

Unknown said...

Maurice is my dad, Mike is my uncle, and Larry is also my uncle (my mom's sisters husband). This is so cool to find and really great to hear all the wonderful things said about The Dawnells.