Monday, March 19, 2007

The End - North Central HS - '66 Indianapolis

The End (not The Endd of Seascape 45s fame), but this band seemed to have lasted for at least a year ('66-'67). And for added bonus points, played at a killer high school reunion show in 2004. Hell, when your school boasts The Boys Next Door, Sounds Unlimited, and The Joys of Life (in addition to The End)you just couldn't go wrong!
The End included:
Dave Rust - Keyboards
Dave McAloon - Bass
Steve Goodwin - Drums
Jack Weber - Guitar
Dave Crockett - Sings
John Rau - Guitar

No 45 known, but give this boys their dues!



OMG I just noticed this when I was surfing the net. Why Dave Rust came to mind, I have no clue. But I did have a crush on him and Steve Goodwin. The first time I saw them play was at the Grand Opening of a Short-Stop market at the corner of w. 34th and Georgetown Rd. Indianapolis. They autographed my arm and also my best friend's arm. Then of all things, the whole band came over to my house. Crazy, I just remember feeling as if they were known all around the world! Gotta love those innocent days of the 60's. By '68 & '69 everything changed. Thanks for the great flashback!

Dennis92122 said...

I was the manager for THE END. You missed opening for THE BYRDS at the colisseum in Indy. We were the most booked group at Dino Enterprises. The booking Agency for all the big bands. Anyway, we had the time of our lives. Dennis

Unknown said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! I'm Sarah Rust and Dave is my daddy. Thank you so much for recalling a great memory. Do you have anymore flashback memories to share?

Unknown said...

I dont know this platform. Will someone please tell me more about my dad.