Friday, June 1, 2007

GT Combo - Whiteland, Indiana '66-'67

The GT Combo,first I was told they were from Beech Grove, but after talking with a band members parents last night, I believe they were from Whiteland, Indiana. Seems to be active in the circuit from late '66 to mid '67.
Band members included:
front to back,
left to right:

Paul Venter - lead
Roger Miller - rhythm & singer
Charles "Chick" Gibbs - sax
Melvin Babbs - guitar
Jim Scofield - drummer

No 45 known, no tapes rumored, but give these guys the dues for giving it a go. I'll keep you posted on how the talks are progressing!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, these guys are from Whiteland. I recognize four of them (Venter, Miller, Babbs and Schoefield). They graduated in the mid 60s. I lived one street over from Melvin Babbs and Roger Miller lived behind my house (I lived one street north of the old Stop & Shop). I was good friends with Jim Schoefield's brother Joe and I remember Paul Venter as a very good football player.