Monday, December 31, 2007

2nd Floor Basement Band - Central Indiana - 1967

From 1967, The 2nd Floor Basement Band. These guys were finalists in the '67 Greenwood (Indiana) Center Talent Contest. Not content with Top 40 music, they did write much of their own music. (Now if I could only find some of it!)

Members pictured (left to right):
Rich Elkens - organ - Southport High School
Jim Fedora - bass - Arlington High
Dick Raasch - vocals - Southport High
Stuart Reed - lead guitar - Southport High
Ronnie Manning - rhythm guitar - Southport High
Gary Edwards - drums - Tech High School

Pretty sure there is not a 45 to glean from these guys, but as always, I'm on the hunt. What else did these guys do? Pass it on so we can share the good times!


Ron said...

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this post. I was a member of 2nd Floor Basement, and I think we hardly remember it ourselves... How crazy is it to see a picture and article about us??

You're right... There were no 45's. We were just a bunch of high school kids who were lucky enough to get quite a few gigs. We disbanded in 1967 (I think) and 4 members went on to form "Stonehenge" with 2 new members.

Anonymous said...

Rich here but my name was Rick.
We were all just having a good time.
Sherwood Country Club was our Greatest Gig.
Sadly at least 2 of our members are no longer with us.
Ron, Gary, Jim and I got with 2 other guys from North Central and started Stonehenge.
We lasted just a few months and I left the group to persue other intrests.