Sunday, January 30, 2011

Argoes - 1967 - Ft. Wayne

1967 brings the "Argoes" from Ft. Wayne.

Left to right:
Kent Cretors - drums - Bryan H.S.
Dan Miller - Bass - Bryan H.S.
Ben Algeo - Rhythm guitar - Bryan H.S.
Jeff Montgomery - Lead guitar - Montpelier H.S.

Rhythm and blues topped the list of music types of the Argoes, who they also agree on the Cream and Jimi Hendrix as favorites. They also appeared on a Detroit television program. No recordings, all cover band.
Kent (a friend of the blog) went on to join the Olivers, and in 1970, Dove, which featured future Petra guitarist Bob Hartman. (Anyone have a copy of the Bryan Times with this?)
Dan Miller was murdered around the same time.
Anyone know where Ben or Jeff are?

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