Monday, June 20, 2011

Dignified Five - Columbus - 1967

The Dignified Five, a group of Central Junior High School students in 1967.

Keith Guthrie - guitar
David Lanham - guitar
Chris Carlson - drums
Jerry Milan - bass
Terry Sullivan - organ

How cool would it be to be on cable TV in 1967. I don't think I knew what cable TV was in 1967!

If you know these kids, tell them to check in and let us know what the szene was like! We always want to know who went on and stayed in the music business, and if there are any recordings out there in the wild. What other bands did happen, or was it one time and out.

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Jerry Milan said...

The Music was really cool. We had so many bands to pick our music guitar list from. Yes I have played my guitar as long as I can remember. I think back on those fun times often. The local bands were very good. We all liked what we were doing, and learned from each other.