Friday, December 16, 2011

Cardboard Bachs

Chances are that if you frequented "Le Scene" in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis, around 1967, the Cardboard Bachs were your scene.

Maybe you remember this band painted van tooling around town.
Seems as perhaps something other than coffee and cigarettes may have been involved!

The Cardboard Bachs were one of many bands in the "Dino Enterprises" stable.

Rick Durrett - Seated at Harpsicord
Jack (Sean) Jones - Kneeling

Sadly, Sean passed way earlier this year. Blog friend Laura (Stout) Harmon opined that he was the best lead player in town.

Rick - here in the splendor that was the late 60's, went on to record with the Olivers, and joined Coven by 1968. He's still rockin' and played with many great bands since.

Thanks Rick for the great photos! And Laura for the great list of bands that I need to hunt down!


EXPO67 said...

I love the picture of the psychedelicalized camper van.

MBM said...

If anyone has pictures, of good quality, of the Olivers, in the late 60s. around 1969 to be exact, the pictures could be considered to be included on the album cover of the Olivers - Lost Dove Sessions, recently found album that is in the works in Germany. Only actual pictures of the band will be considered. Rick Durret was in the Olivers when that album was recorded.

DRUMMER said...

Ron Mason(rt.light coat) was the bass player from Memphis Tennesse and left The LOved Ones band of West Memphis Ar...Some of the musicians were from Marion Arkansas.We were only 15 min from downtown Memphis.Ron also took several songs with him on the new music journey that The Loved Ones wrote and recorded at Sonic Studio,Memphis Tn by Roland Jane ;who is still recording for Phillips Studio and was the origial studio player and engineer at Sun Studio.We were elated to know after 48 years;Cardboard Bachs had the songs on an LP out of Nashville.Jim Butler also played with the Loved Ones and went with Ron to join Cardboard Bachs and left quickly from that band and now lives in Marion Arkansas;our original farm house used for practice and to this day;a studio.Don Christian(vocals)and Ronnie Whitten(guitar & vocals) wrote "Please Send Her","I'm Alone" and Teardrops Falling" in 1965. Ron Mason R.I.P.1947- 2011

vinylfool said...

I need to do a major update on this entry.
Pictured Bachs:
Rick Durrett
Sean Jones
Robbie Bowden
Don Graham
Ronnie Mason

Sean and Ronnie are gone, I see Robbie often, and Rick I've met thru the Olivers connection. Funny how it all works out.

Rick Durrett said...

Don Graham passed away years ago from what I understand. Don't know all the details but I believe he was living in Oregon or WA and fell ill. Didn't know about Ronnie. God rest his soul.