Saturday, March 8, 2014

Olivers - Le Scene - unreleased LP and more!

Great, where do I start? I asked that question in February 2007, when I started this blog. I had no idea where it would lead, or if I could even do it for any period of time, or more frightening, if anyone would look or listen.
Welcome to post #200! Starting year #8!

Today I present a special video I cobbled together. The Olivers are no strangers to the Indiana 60's fans or of this blog, and many have witnessed the band as they performed at the legendary club Le Scene in Fountain Square, Indianapolis. Luckily some wonderful soul photoed the band! For the first time anywhere, here are some interior photos of Le Scene, with the Olivers!
And that music, you ask.....
In late '68, the Olivers ventured to Minnesota to record their original songs. The deal was made, photos taken, but the record was never pressed and sold, but thankfully an acetate made it out of the studio. The Olivers had NEVER heard their own recordings until that acetate (one of a kind!) had surfaced. Seven songs (of  twelve recorded) survive, and in very safe hands! What you hear is a clip that was presented for sale, that i forwarded to the band members, and this you? Incredibly, the answer was YES!

So enjoy the music, look back into Le Scene, and keep the 60's flame burning!

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