Tuesday, September 30, 2014

December's Children - Muncie

Muncie was quite a little band mecca in the 60's. With Ball State university and a number of clubs to play, many bands flourished . Thus we welcome December's Children.

Band members included:
Greg Hood  - organ
Steve Justin - guitar
Lance Paulson - bass /sax
Jim Parrott - drums
J Michael Henderson - guitar

I know that Greg was involved with the "Jades" and JM Henderson was in many bands including the British Walkers and has a great solo career, not to mention he performed at a couple of the WNAP Raft Races that we attended in our long forgotten youth.

As research goes, I found this little teaser about a 45 from the band, playing on a "Tally" jukebox. of course my first instinct says "I must have this". fast forward a couple of years later, and the 45 arrives in my mailbox. So let's hear this long lost nugget.

Keep on Runnin'

99 and a Half

Both are covers (or remakes) of the popular tunes of the day, but they both stand up pretty well today.

May thanks of course to the band that did the work, and J Michael for the band pic, and to all my readers who keep me going!


Anonymous said...

Hello Tim, I always wondered if December's Children/Muncie ever recorded. Your sight has confirmed. Also do you have or need a scan of The Jades 45 label on Denim for your sight?...Eric

Jannell Says said...

Wow this is great! Thanks for posting!!!!!

Unknown said...

Tim: I truly thought that you and I were going to make something special together, with you providing me the sounds of the 60s Indiana bands and me taking that material and creating a radio show out of it. It would have been very unique sounding and lots of FUN to listen to on the "Radio Free Naptown" streaming broadcasts. But, for whatever reason, you have decided NOT to participate in this endeavor. I just wonder "WHY"???

In any case, I looked up the addresses of Ronnie Matelic and Johnny Medvescek and when I get done transferring my various "Sir Winston" tapes over to CD's, I am going to send them both a set.

Also, during the early 70's, both Ronnie and Johnny were in a group together known as "Gandharvas" and I got a pretty good recording of that group when they played at The Zionsville Theater that I had told you about. Luckily, the recording I did that night was one of my first 4-track recordings, so here it is 42 years later and I'll be mixing this show FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! I even still have a nearly new 4-track recorder to play the tapes on!!! That will be fun!!!

I am sorry that you decided to back out of being the provider of the material of what "COULD" have been a really great and fun radio show. I just wonder on "WHY"!!!

Midnight Blue Studios


Anonymous said...

Hello Tim, any info. on the band, Wrinkled Rhapsody. *45 on Mecca. Not much info. out there other than on Jason's site...thanks Eric

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim
Just wanted to say that Anderson Records was my fathers record co. in the 60's. It's nice to see some of his work still being enjoyed.
J.C. Ulm

Unknown said...

Anyone know the value of this record. I have a copy.

Dale Brown said...

Wow! 5 years later and I see this...Tim, I was a member of Wrinkled Rhapsody & have a promo pic & 45 record if you are interested.