Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Minutemen - 1966 Chatrand High School

Imagine in early 1966, there are about 800 bands in Indianapolis alone. Many were around for as long as a cup of coffee, and some had revolving doors of musicians. So any evidence of existing is important, and that's why tonight we bring you The Minutemen - hailing from Chartrand High!

The Minutemen won 1st prize at the variety show competition in late 1965. The photo appeared in the Indianapolis Star on Jan. 8th, 1966 (Elvis' Birthday!) with about 20 other bands listed.

Left to right:
Dave Stonehouse
Steve Stonehouse
Tom Arnold
Phil Eaton

Any of these guys go on to bigger or better things? As always, any info is delightfully received.

Now for the other 799 bands...........


Todd Lucas said...

I'm sure the high school mentioned here should be Chatard.

Austin E Lucas said...

Huh. It's not too surprising that someone else had the "Minutemen" name first. The more well known band with the name "The Minutemen" is the 1980 - 1985 band that had Dennes Dale Boon "D. Boon," Mike Watt, and George Hurley. They're a group who are generally a band of musician's musicians, as they didn't gain widespread popularity but are well respected among numerous famous musicians. They might have lasted longer, were it not for Boon dying in a dramatic car wreck just before Christmas in 1985 due to a pothole, a broken axle, and laying in the back of the van without a seat belt to try getting some sleep. He fell out the back end of a van when it rolled, and broke his neck.