Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clarence Brown Memorial String Band - Indianapolis - Indiana - '67

Ok, well the name may have been a little weird, but it sure stood out. Clarence Brown Memorial String Band. Influenced by the likes of the Yardbirds and the Young Rascals, these Pike High school students strived to bring a unique approach to music, as evidenced by the attention-getting moniker.
From top:
Garry Neal - organ
Toby Myers - bass
Danny Ellis - drums
Jim Thornberry - guitar

Of course we all know Toby went on to Indy's own Roadmaster, a long stint with some guy named Mellencamp, and is kickin' it now with his own band No Net. Check them out, loads of fun! Not sure about the other CBMSB band mates, but as always, I'll be looking and sharing with you.


Anonymous said...

It was The Clarence Brown Memorial String Band, not Clarence Brown's....

vinylfool said...

Thanks for looking, and helping me clean up my typos!