Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tribu-Terrys '65 - '66 part 2

Here is a second photo of The Tribu-Terrys. This is from late August 1966. My original post was here. Appears to be the same band members as the first photo from December '65, why can't we find these guys? Hear Leavin' to Stay again, just because it's so cool!!!


Arlin Troutt said...

My name is Arlin Troutt and I played at La Scene many times when Tom Breedwell ran it and lived up stairs in the old Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. I will be telling the story of when I played with the Fugitives. At the end of the show we played "Land of a Thousand Dances”. I lit the smoke bombs at the end of the show and caught the curtains on fire at Le Scene. Trapped behind the sheer flaming curtains were Tom's extremely young male Go-Go dancing friends creating silhouettes with their Speedo clad bodies for the audience. The crowd was so high on speed and LSD they thought the flames were part of the act and they were packed so tight they could not dance much less run. It was one of those stories that we can all laugh about now but it was almost an Indianapolis tragedy. Check in with for some great stories and old photos of the good old 1960’s in Indianapolis. The site is just getting started but who knows, you might already be there. I am working on a piece about Indiana Beach now and that is how I found your site. Thank you for posting it.


Anonymous said...

keep up the great work...

- landlocked bloomington

vinylfool said...

Landlocked Records in Bloomington I assume. Thanks for the note.

Unsolicited testimonial - Go buy some vinyl there, support you record stores! God know I do!

Unknown said...

I was a flower child of the late 60's that lived in Broad Ripple. My friends and I went to Le Scene (a long drive) every chance we got. Saw the Electric Prunes and many great bands there. The Music Explosion came one night after their concert at Clowes Hall and mingled with the crowd.

Yes, the girls were frisky and the scene was way out for Indy at the time. I remember there was a rowdy bar across the street that became famous because a stripper danced topless there.

The proprietor prompted the hippie scene in Indy and promoted many be-ins that were held at Holiday Park in north-side Indy. Great memories. Bill Peake - Chatard class of '68