Monday, March 31, 2008

Mercury Rocket 88

I get a nice quick e*mail today from the creator of the Mercury Rocket 88 site. It's a site developed for Mike Mercer (Mercury) and his gang of musicians and friends from the early to mid '60s Columbus & Edinburg area bands featuring:

Garry & The Twiliters
The XLs

Lots of great pics abound and although I didn't see a guest book, please leave a comment show your appreciation for the bands, and the time it took to do all the work!

I'll leave a link up to it on the right (the list over there that probably no one ever looks at!)


Anonymous said...

wow i have just discover your site!! i write you from madrid even if i´m from gijon, i just have bought a sg by the pedestrians, it´s too late? do u know anything about them? and another one i want her back by the todds i saw you liked too!!

regards from spain , PAblo

vinylfool said...

Welcome Pablo,
I have one 45 by the pedestrians (Fenton), but that's it for my knowledge.
Keep reading, and keep in touch!