Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Triad - Whatever happened to the Olivers? 1969

Earlier we experienced the Olivers blistering 2-sider on Phalanx, later on RCA. We know they had a few member changes (Vietnam was calling, and Jay was asked to join the party). But whatever happened to the (then) young men that soldiered on, Mike Mankey, Billy Franze, Carl Aldrich, and Chuck Hamrick?

Well, now we know the Triad rose from the ashes of the Olivers. Obviously Triad implies three. So, what happened? Chuck had some health issues, and drummer Kent Cretors was recruited. Then organist Carl didn't want the same musical direction as the rest of the team. So now there are three, and the Triad is born.

But this is not our typical Indiana band story. The Triad relocated to the happenin' Minneapolis szene in the late '60s. Then recorded on a Canadian label (Franklin) in '69.

Hear the tunes:
Border Line
Only way to fly

They broke up soon after, and the Serfmen, Olivers, Triad chain was broken.

Thanks for all the info so graciously donated by Mike Mankey. Especially cool is his "One man band gigs". I'm diggin' his "Just Like Me" video. Check it out, and call e*mail him to set up a great party!


Anonymous said...

Bill Franze is still performing around the Twin Cities on a regular basis.
Still has a soft spot for the old R&B tunes, it seems: Shotgun

He worked in Jonny Lang's band for a bit.., does session work and producing.
Mick Sterling CD

Haven't seen him in years (like 30+), but it'd be nice to watch him work again sometime.


vinylfool said...

Thanks Rich, I hadn't seen the Shotgun video, but the are some of others out there too. And check out "Mambos Combo" on myspace. Don't we all have a soft spot for old R&B tunes!


MBM said...

If anyone has pictures, of good quality, of the Olivers, in the late 60s. around 1969 to be exact, the pictures could be considered to be included on the album cover of the Olivers - Lost Dove Sessions, recently found album that is in the works in Germany. Only actual pictures of the band will be considered. The lineup at that time was Billy Franze, Jay Penndorf, Rick Durrett, Chuck Hamrick and Mike Mankey.

MBM said...

The name of the album included in my last comment, was just a for instance. It could be completely different.

MBM said...

It's very likely that the Triad tunes will be included on the Olivers Lost Dove Sessions album or CD that comes out this fall. For more info, you can go to