Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bitter End - Indianapolis '66

Earlier I exposed the International Silver String Submarine Banned.

Laura wrote:
"I previously was in a band (and was next-door neighbor) to Jeanne Schuller. That band was called The Bitter End, with Pat and Mike Finnegan and the drummer was Jay (something?). When I went on to join the ISSSB as lead player, Jeanne went on to join The Shy Ones as their lead player. Jeanne! Where are you?"

Well, today I found a pic of the Bitter End playing at a new playground opening late Aug. 1966. Don't know if the playground is still there, but how many pics do you find of bands that featured two ladies playing guitar in the mid '60s?

If anyone knows where Jeanne is, contact me and and I'll make sure Laura knows!
And who is Jay?


Laura said...

Wow! I have that picture and I remember doing that gig. By the way, we were an Indianapolis band, not Franklin. All of us lived on the East side of Indy. Both Jeanne and I lived next door and were best friends, growing up. We both played lead. You ought to have heard the double guitar stuff in Bus Stop (Hollies).

Thanks for posting that.

Unknown said...

Hello Laura, You had mentioned on this site that you were friends with Judy Cagle the bass player for the Bomarcs. I was their drummer. Did you hand out at LeScene alot. Females in bands were so rare I should remember you. Judy also had a cousin I believe named Julie who played guitar. Nice to touch base with band members from that era.
Bob Goodson

Laura said...

Hi, Bob

I do remember you and Julie, too. I believe Julie played acoustic guitar at that time. Bomarcs was a great band. I remember a jam session at Le Scene that we did "Satisfaction" with Judy, myself, and I don't remember exactly who else was in on that jam. What fun we had in those days. My old band, International Silver String Submarine Banned, has a gig Nov. 29th at Howe High School, class of 68. All the original members are going to do this gig. So much music, so little time. -Laura

Anonymous said...

Just curious,where/what playground was the pic taken at?

vinylfool said...

Thanks for looking! The photo was taken at a park north of School 2, 725 N. New Jersey. It isn't there any longer.

Pat Finnigan said...

Drummer was Jay Hansen: lived two doors down from us on 17th Street! Wow, I must REALLY be old!