Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Hurd - '66 - '67 Indianapolis

The Hurd - circa 1967. The Hurd were known for the harder rock and psychedelic sounds. One of the few bands of the day to belt out "Psychotic Reaction", and one of even few still to do it well.
Pictured: (from bottom right to left)
Nick Rudman - kneeling - rhythm guitar - Speedway HS
Kevin Williams - seated - lead guitar - vocals - North Central
*** - organ - sax - Broad Ripple
Jimmy Thomson - drums - vocals - North Central
Bruce White - bass - North Central

No 45s left behind that we know of. Alas, maybe we'll find a rehearsal tape someday. Time to check in and let us know what else the Hurd was involved in!

Fab gear dear readers! Kevin Williams has found us and graciously sent this photo and info.

"Bruce White was tragically killed in the USAC airplane crash in 1978. He was finishing up his residency in Surgery, and was the USAC racing doctor. I have lost touch with Nick Rudman, and Jimmy Thompson. The picture you show was taken before we incorporated Steve Simpson on drums, who attended Ben Davis. At that time, Jimmy became our up front man, and singer. Also have lost touch with Steve. Matter of fact, I haven't seen Nick, Steve, or Jimmy since about 1969 or 1970.

This is the only pic I know of, of us rehearsing, sometime in 1967. From Left to right, Jimmy Thompson with mic, Steve Simpson on Drums, myself on the Fender Jaguar (damn I wish I still had that guitar, and the old blonde bandmaster Amp). Nick Rudman with his back to the camera, he is facing Bruce White, only his face is showing, and on the Farfisa organ in back, is **** .
There was some other memorabilia but it was unfortunately destroyed in a flooded basement many years ago. I don't believe there were any reel to reel tapes, or even cassette tapes of the band, as they were just coming into vogue. There was much discussion about doing something, but we all had other life priorities coming up. We all went our separate ways, due to College frankly. Bruce wasn't interested as he was traveling to europe, and then to Med school. I was going to Florida to school, Steve went into the Marines, and I heard he played in the White house Marine band. Note, I heard that second hand. He most certainly was good enough to pass just about any audition. Again, dunno bout Jimmy and Nick."

Wow, all I can say is thanks Kevin. Tons of good info and we tip our hats to you and the band for stickin' that toe in the water and diving in! I wish you still had that Jaguar too.


Anonymous said...
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vinylfool said...

Great info Kevin. Welcome to the Indiana 60's Band team! Maybe one of the others will chime in and you guys can share some old stories.

I have nothing on the Thundermen, but now that I have the name, I'll be on the lookout!

SSIMP said...

Steve Simpson here
Living in St. Pete FL

Unknown said...

Nick Rudman is my dad and still plays bass guitar. he was one of the original members of the Max Allen Band ( formerly Max Allen and the Jam Band) along with piano player Mike Brown and drummer Chris Cravens.

RKW said...


Have your dad get in contact with me. Been way too long. Had no idea he went on to other bands. Dave went on to play for the Idle Few for a few years, and apparently Steve is a working musician with a popular band down in florida. Might pass that along.