Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Him Her & Them '66-'67 Indianapolis

Him Her & Them, granted, it's not the best quality photo, microfilm at it's best. The band formed in 1964. This is for a show in late '66.

Pictured: (and I don't know who is whom)
Bob Dawson
Jinx Dawson (ok, I know which one she is!)
Steve Farber
Greg Johnson
David Larman
Greg Osborne

Jinx, Greg, and David went on to form "Coven". Best known for the song "One tin Soldier" from the movie "Billy Jack", they recorded 2 albums. Jinx has cult following worshiping her as the first Gothic queen. Nice job if you can get it I guess.


Anonymous said...

Greg is the blond guy behind Jinx
The band had some different members that went on tour across the USA in 1966-67.
Jim Benge was the lead guitarist
the bass player was a look a like from the back of Jimi Hendrix
Danny Bray (deceased) was the drummer and he also acted in local Indy theater (he was a great actor and drummer)

Anonymous said...

I don't remember that configuration. But I was with them when Steve replaced Bobby. David and I were close friends and just graduating from high school. I worked sound and lights. Greg booked a tour of the midwest and then Ozzie and Steve left over a money issue, as I recall. (It's been a long time.) Greg asked me to play drums and we got a friend, Steve Fulnecky to play lead guitar. We did a bunch of teen clubs and fairs from Chicago to Des Moines to Colorado opening for bands like The Shadows of Night (G-L-O-R-I-A) and the Grass Roots or Buckinghams. After that tour I went off to college and other bands. So, I think, did David so I don't think he went to Chicago with Esther (Jinx). Thanks for the great pic. Brings back lots of memories. (Fritz Postlethwaite)

Anonymous said...

Fritz Postlethwaite, now THATS a name from the past!

Kevin Williams

Anonymous said...

My best friend is married to Greg (Oz) and I am married to the guitarist form Coven. David was never a part of Coven. I was so sad to hear that David passed away a few years ago. He was one of the kindest people I have ever known.

Anonymous said...

I was Rhythm guitarist for "The Shadows Of Knight" Met Steve Fulnecky in Indy. The year was 1967. Great times together! also good friends w/ Jinx, Steve R., and OZ, in Indy and when they were in Chicago (summer of 69)I had a metal sculpture studio on the north side of the city (after I left the Shadows) and created metal objects for the Coven album (inside photo)Many great memories D.B.