Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Premiers - Southport - 1966

For 50¢ (members) or 75¢ for non members, you could see the popular Southport combo, The Premiers, play at the Green-Urban pool in Greenwood, Indiana. Prices have gone up since '66.

Who are these youth you ask?

From left to right:
Gary Davis - organ
Don Gary - bass guitar
Gary Wells - rhythm guitar
Roger Cummings - lead guitar
Jim Krug - drums

Any recordings or post-Premiers music life? Your guess is as good as mine. We are batting about .750 on finding these things out, so I'll keep my fingers crossed! Wonder if any of these guys kept the guitars.....


Unknown said...

I am still working in a local band out of Indianapolis, IN. My current band is "Indy Nile Band" and can be seen at

Don't know if I have any old Premier recordings, but will check. Thanks for the interest and keeping the name alive.

Roger Cummings

vinylfool said...

Thanks for checking in Roger! Looks like the "Indy Nile Band" is rockin'. If you can find those recordings, my life would be changed forever. Well maybe for a while anyway!
Keep in touch, you may see us at the John Wayne cafe someday.


Anonymous said...

Correction - Should be Don Gary, not Gray. Jim Krug and I played in a couple of bands in high school (Southport, class of 1968.)

I was friends with Don, Jim, and Gary Davis, who I went to grade school with (Center Grove.)

My main band was The Forsaken Few - Ron Townsend (drums), Mike Romine (organ), Larry Roberts (bass), my brother, Marc Haggerty (lead, rhythm), and me, Kevin Haggerty (led, rhythm). Ron and Mike did most of the singing.

Gary M. Davis said...

Just discovered this blog post. Thanks, Kevin Haggerty...hello to you, Marc, Ron, Mike, and Larry of the Forsaken Few. The Premiers, a Southport IN-based band, included Gary Wells(rhythm), Roger Cummings (lead), Don Gary (bass) and George Rich (drums) . Then, I joined in on keyboard, and Jim Krug became our second drummer. Toward the end of our two-year run, Kenny Adams filled in on bass. We played throughout Central Indiana, and were fortunate to wins "battles-of-the-bands" at Ben Davis High School and the city battle at Garfield Park. Among our memorable venues were the big summer dances at Franklin Central H.S., Baxter/Southside YMCA, a huge event at W. Lafayette H.S., Martinsville Skating Rink, Southport H.S., Mitchell IN skating rink, Wood H.S., Greenwood H.S., Whiteland H.S., Northside K of C, competing in the State Fair Battle of Bands, one performance at Sherwood when I was sick, and a crazy performance at Southern Plaza Shopping Center Mardi Gras with WIBC DJ Jerry Kunkel, where (lucky for us!) the crowd was huge, and (unlucky for us!) management and police had to break up the crowd!--Gary M. Davis,