Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nomads - Morgantown - '65-'66

Ok, every state had a "Nomads", and most probably several in the state. These guys hailed from Morgantown, Indiana. The population is quite small (under 1,000), and I imagine this was the only teen combo at the time. Both photos are from July '65, but they look several years apart.

This is one of those bands where I have more contributed names than apparent members.

Associated names:
Harold Collier
Mike Collier
Dan Rueshaw
Skip Wood
Bill Owens
Herbert Brock
G. Means

Any narrowing down of who is who, please fill me in. And if the guy with the '65 Ventures mosrite still has it, all I ask is to let me play "Walk, Don't Run" on it, then my life will be complete!!!

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