Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ronnie & the Rebels

Big bands, little bands, we try to cover them all here! From May 1965 (Race weekend too, for us Indy 500 fans! Jimmy Clark won that year in a Ford powered Lotus)
Ronnie and the Rebels, one of hundreds of bands playing on a Friday night in Indiana. Who are you guys? Where did you go, and would you share a story or two with us!


Anonymous said...

I was the drummer you can reach me at dave.shackelford@frontier.com

Dave Shackelford said...

Ronnie was the lead guitar and singer. Steve Lyons played bass, Steve Moran played rhythm, Richie Moscrip played organ and I played drums. Have not been in touch with any of them in over 30 years.

Dave Shackelford