Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hitch Hikers - Portage

Bill, from St. Paul, MN, sends a suggestion for the Hitch-Hikers from Portage, Indiana! "Great idea" I exclaim!

The Hitch-Hikers had several 45's (I'm not sure how many) and released an LP (that I don't have, yet).

Beaver Shot

Stay Away
Five To One

I know nothing about the band with such a great output. The writer credits are simply:

Healey - Cole
Garrison - Rubino
Healey - Boese

Just not much to go on. There are a couple of other 45's, namely:

Thank you for your love (HH7)
Somf (HH8)

This could be just one 45 and a strange numbering. I need help here!

Thanks for the inspiration Bill. I have to share his "insight", it's priceless!

"Maybe you folks have heard of them. The rude & crude "Beaver Shot" was written by Healey and Boese. The sensitive/teen whiner ballad flip, "Fool" is credited just to Healey. I especially like the rude lyrics/double entendre sub-category of garage 45s for no other reason than you can speculate how it went when they got home. The Hitchhikers probably hit up everyone (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa) in their respective families to press the record up. The boys spend the $4-500 on a disc that has zero chance of radio play and then they still have to go home and play it for their families. A most of the Moms no doubt hit the roof, the Grandmas were disgusted. The Dads and Grandpas probably had a laff over it, at least Gramps did."

I can't say I disagree with that assessment!


Bob said...

Perhaps you should try to contact a guy named Denny who said he was drummer in the band?


where you can find Denny email address.

vinylfool said...

I did write Denny around Christmas time. Haven't heard anything.

Timmy said...

You FOOLS! I love that cut! Thanx for making my day.... A whole lotta fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm Larry Healey's daughter.... If I can be of any help with any information, please let me know!

Mike said...

I grew up on Missouri Street in Hobart, Indiana and the Cole's lived just around the corner from us. I used to go listen to the HitchHikers practice at the Cole's house. Man I loved their music. I was only about 8 years old. This was about 1964ish. I love hearing the old songs I grew up to; "Beaver Shot," "Fool," Thank You For Your Love," etc. Thanks for the memories! Dr. Mike Barker, Colorado Springs, CO

Anonymous said...

looking for a 45 of Five to one
any idea where I might get one?
if anyone can help - my email

Unknown said...

Bruce (Flash) Garrison was the drummer in that band. A great drummer! I sang with them a few times back then. I had played in another band with Bruce prior to that.

Still friends with Jim Rubino and see him often. Jim is a great bass player and is still playing in a band named 'Bar Code'.

Was in HS choir with Randy Cole.

Unknown said...

Randy Cole is still playing in a band called the Hitchhikers last I heard.

Anonymous, I don't have the 45 of Five To One, but Jim Rubino gave me a CD that includes that one.