Monday, March 14, 2011

WFYI - Indy in the '60s!

Short notice 60's Indiana Band Szene Team.

Tonight - 8:00PM - WFYI (local indy PBS station) will have a two hour retrospective on the Indy scene. The TV schedule says "indy 500" but that seems to be a typo.

Wayne Wilson (drummer - sounds unlimited, owner of Dino Enterprises) called and said they filmed at his place for several hours as he talked about the Sounds Unlimited, Boys Next Door, Idle Few, Sir Winston and more.....

Should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see this show? How was it?

vinylfool said...

If strictly for the bands, the show had a few high points, i.e. some face time for Wayne and Phil of Sounds Unlimited, and a bit of info on the Shy Ones. No new video was seen.

As a '60s Indiana show, it was pretty interesting, as it highlighted the rise of the ABA and the Pacers, George McGinnis, Bob Netolicky and Roger Brown, among stories about "Indianoplace". E*mail me for more details if you like.