Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kraftsmen - Parti Tyme 1965

The Kraftsmen (with an extended T, think BeaTles) were together from 1963 to 1966. Picked by Jerry Kunkle of the mighty WIBC powerhouse out of Indianapolis to go on a tri-state tour and open for the "Dick Clark Caravan of Stars".

Tommy Shields - Lead guitar - Lead vocals
Mike Shields - rhythm - vocals
Charlie Lashbrook - bass - vocals
Mike Mull - drums - lead vocals

Looking at the ads, I don't think Parti Tyme lasted more than a few weeks. A photo of the place would be great.......

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oldgatorlady said...

Parti-Tyme was in business a couple of years. It was in a strip mall off of keystone. It was owned by Jim & Ki Holcomb. It was set up as one of the first after school programs and a weekend dance club. Memberships were $75/yr. It covered after school study/help, dance lessons, all weekend dances, n soft drinks @ all functions. Amazing place. I was first member...I loved it!