Saturday, November 12, 2011

Randy Benjamin - Vincennes

Randy Benjamin is quite the enigma. From Vincennes, and Lincoln High School ('65), Randy managed to have his first 45 released with involvement of Mike Curb. Mike seemed to be golden on everything, except this time.

From Randy's website: "
I was a songwriter and singer long before I became an author. I received my first guitar at the age of 4. It was bigger than I was! My first recording contract was with Mike Curb back in the early 60s in Hollywood, CA. I’ve also been an artist/writer for Mercury and Warner Brothers records. I had a top 40 record in Europe (Look At You Now) on Mercury in the late 60s. I owned a recording studio in Nashville, TN in the mid-70s."

The 45 is most probably recorded with Randy and session men.

Lovin' Man

Old Man

Randy also released a 45 on Mercury "Look at You Now", as far as I know it was released in early 1970.

I've tossed a few e*mails at Randy, but haven't heard anything. Look forward to filling in some blanks! Randy had to have a high school band...........

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Anonymous said...

went to high school w/ randy. he would sit in w/ other bands. remember hearing him do ruby, lead guitar&vocal. impressive. cannot remember band.1964 adams coliseum. vincennes,in. sock hop. he would have been 16 or 17 and already quit high school by this time. definetly a local legend.drove a '55 t-bird. les