Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blues Inc. - Ft. Wayne 1966

Did you ever think that the band you were watching, maybe even bought the 45 because they were so good that night, might be lost to time? It happens, quite a bit actually. Presenting the Blues Inc., hailing from Ft.Wayne. 
All we have is this one ad - Nov. 4 1966. Never heard of Bojrab's Hall before or after. But the band did leave us one fantastic moody, minor key 45.

Tell Me Girl

Get Off My Back

Another Ft. Wayne band that made the trek to Cap Studios in Portage Michigan, the Olivers being the other, with record #1022, just before the Blues Inc.. Wise and Shoaff are the writers names, publishing by Westhaven, same as the Olivers, hence probably thru the label.

This is too good to be forgotten..........any clues (real or imagined) welcomed!

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