Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Boys Decision - 1967 Ft. Wayne

Swingin' back to 1967 - Ft. Wayne, Indiana! There once was a band known as the Nu-Trons. The Nu-Trons begat the Boys Decision.

Jack Peterson - guitar
Steve Inscoe -
Butch Rodemeyer - lead singer
Glenn Druhot - drums
Dave Robinson - guitar

Pretty interesting group of guys just for the playing and getting gigs in a crowded 1967 Ft. Wayne market. But add to the resume this nugget....

Nov.24th, 1967 at the Swinging Gate, the Boys Decision was the warm-up for The Who! That's right boys and girls, the Who played in Ft. Wayne at the Swinging Gate. The Boys Decision played rock and soul so they must have filled in just nicely. Talk about pressure, dang.

Someone, somewhere has to have some photos of the Swinging Gate. I'm told it may be gone now, but there has to be some record of it!

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