Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sands of Time - Brazil

Presenting the "Sands of Time" from Brazil. Where is Brazil anyone from Indianapolis might say.  Brazil is just east of Terre Haute and on the 70 corridor running to St. Louis.

The Sands of Time are:
Dennis Tilley,
John Stough,
Rick Wetnight ,
Dana Farless,
Jack Lawrence,
Tim Paullus,
Gary Ooley.

Gigs in early '68, and no info on how long they lasted, give them a hand just doing it!

I always have a soft spot for the cool logos on the bass head!

*Thanks Robert for the photos and info!

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L. said...

I'm one of Dana Farless' kids. This was so cool to find, and such strange timing. Dana passed away unexpectedly on August 23, 2015. Memorial service will be August 29.
Thanks to whomever found these pics and to whomever got them up here. I've never seen them before and it is such a treat.