Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fugitives - Bloomington

Sometimes it's nearly impossible to find these bands. Let's examine the "Fugitives". No shortage of Fugitives - there is the Indianapolis band we already exposed. Another Fugitives hailed from LaPorte. But best info says that this 45 is left from a Fugitives out of Bloomington, Indiana.

What evidence can I provide?  Just conjecture and circumstantial. Local legend has The Fugitives from Bloomington. I can cite a 1966 Indiana University yearbook showing co-eds dancing to the Fugitives (yet not showing a photo of the band). And lastly, Mike Markesich, the guru of research and the author of "Teenbeat mayhem", cites the band as from Bloomington.

Oh hell, let's hear some songs! The proper side is a cover of Charlie Rich's "Lonely Weekends", done well but nothing to write home about. Flip that 45 over and behold - another cover tune - Ike Turner's "Sticks and Stones". If you are going to play the college circuit, probably better to do the top 40 rather than your own tunes.

Ok team, let's find these guys and give them their due!


Anonymous said...

The Fugitives were not a garage band. They were pros avoiding the draft by picking up a college degree at IU . The leader was Dick Orvis from Dicki and the Debonaires and 4 of the members were actually from South Bend, In. They were huge at IU and had a state wide name from 64 to 67. The band was the house band at the Bluebird Tavern when it was called the StarDust for 3 years and helped establish the place as a legitamate venue. The Fugitives were also one of the first bands to play Daytona during the spring break in 65,66, and 67.. The group also did " all campus gigs "at Purdue, Ball State, and played a popular night club in Inianapolis that was on washington st in addition to all the fraternaties and soroities. 3 of the members went on to record an album with Roger Saloom and Robin Sincliar for Chess on the Cadet Concept label and were part of the San Francisco ballroom scene. By then they had changed their name to Mother Bear for the psycadelic market. The 45 was knocked out when the group had been together for a month and was used as a promo to get bookings. The record started to chart and the group pulled it since they thought they might get into trouble.

Unknown said...

For more information about the Fugitives, check out