Saturday, April 28, 2007

Todds - Toddlin' Town - 1967 - Hammond

The Todds from Hammond, Indiana. I've been trying to get a copy of this 45 for some time, and never seemed to follow through on it. Now I have it, and you can see & hear it. Now I have to scour the Hammond papers for a photo. You can listen to I Want Her Back now!
Writer credits show "Todd & Gluth". Any info out there? Don't be shy, we want to know!


Anonymous said...

The BMI database at has the answers: Wallace Lyle Todd, Richard Lee Gluth.

Do you have any info on The Joys of Life or The Grapes? Big favourites which I only recently found out to be from Indiana.

vinylfool said...

Thanks euphonic! I should get better acquainted with the BMI site. I'll toss up some Joys of Life info in a bit. Excellent choice, but I don't have either 45. I only know the Grapes by legend, no real leads yet.