Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sceptors - Knycks - Jeffersonville, Indiana '66 - '67

If you look in the past notes, one of my first posts were the Sceptors of Jeffersonville, Indiana. It's short but you can look at it here.
A couple of band members have chimed in and we know who is whom:

Front row - L to R

Clyde Miller - Vocals
John Payne - Organ
Back row - L to R
Sonny Lemaire - Bass - vocals
Joe Brown - Drums - vocals
Garry Bowyer - Guitar - vocals
Warren Glotzbach - Lead Guitar - Vocals

We find they DID cut a 45, but it was credited to the Knycks, a transitional name for the band. It was an Ep really, 4 songs! I'll bet it was hard to buy the record when you didn't know the band name!
And for your listening pleasure, we have all the songs available for the first time anywhere (unless you have the 45, then for God's sake, e*mail me!!)

Do wah diddy diddy
If I Needed Someone
What's Your Name

Thanks to Garry and Warren for the info, and Sonny for providing the tunes! You guys are the best.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this!!

I've had "If I Needed Someone" on a CD-R comp - Hoosier Hotshots vol. 2 (a planned follow-up to the vinyl-only volume 1, but never released).

On my copy this song is mis-credited to "The Kryks", and I have been trying (and failing!) to find some info on the 45 for years. No wonder I failed :)

Thanks again - great blog!


vinylfool said...

I feel your pain, I had the same cd-r, with the krycks!. But now we know better, and thanks to the Sceptors, we now have the real info!

vinylfool said...

Sad news. Garry Bowyer has passed away. A very young 62.

Godspeed young man.