Monday, September 15, 2008

Fire Combo - '68 Whiteland Barn

Good Day '60s Indiana Band team! We have a video of an unknown band. No audio (the overdubbed audio was the Seeds "Pushin' to hard") great tune, but not what we need here. At the very beginning we have a shot of the drumhead showing "Fire Combo". All I know is that it's 1968 at the Whiteland Barn.
Our mission....who are these guys!!!!! Any ideas (real or imagined) welcomed. I've seen it guessed as "Feebe n' the Ragweed Patche", but I have my doubts...............

I made it as small as I could for viewing, without resorting to postage stamp size. Who are you!

Jan. 2011 Update!

Two members, Danny Spencer and Rick Boger have checked in!
Rick writes:
"Fire members were:

Lead Singer - Danny Spencer

Lead Guitar - Don Grover

Guitar - Rex Thomas

Bass Guitar - Rick Boger

Keyboards - Dave Thomas

Drums - Paul Thomas

Drums - Kenny Dwiggins

This was a time when we experimented with two drummers. It actually worked out well. I recall we would start the show with a drum duet. Just the two drummers on stage and they would take turns for about five minutes and work the crowd up into a frenzy. Then the rest of us would come on stage and without missing a beat go into the first song. The crowd seemed to like it.

Most of us went to Howe High School. Don Grover and Kenny Dwiggins went to Tech High School. As you can see there were three Thomas' in the band. Dave and Paul were brothers, Rex was not related.

We finally broke up the band around 1970 after a couple of us got married and started families. Also, Danny Spencer went into the Air Force. "

Wow. Over two years have passed since I posted the video. Great info coming in all the time, I'm sure we'll hear more from the Fire Combo!


Anonymous said...

What a fab video... it looks almost professionally made, with some unusual camera work and editing (unless the vid was shot over several songs by one person and was never intended to sync up with a tune). Thanks for posting this... I hope you discover the group's identity!

carvinman1 said...

This video is of the FIRE combo. I am sure, because I am the lead singer, Danny Spencer. Other members include:
Paul Thomas-drums and vocals
Kenny Dwiggins-drums
John David Thomas-keyboard and vocals
Don Grover-lead/rhythm guitar and vocals
Rex Thomas-lead/rhythm guitars and bass guitar
Rick Boger-bass guitar and vocals

This video was shot as a promo piece for the Whiteland Barn, and was shown on a local teen dance show in Indy.