Thursday, September 25, 2008

Noblemen - McCordsville - Prism 45

The Noblemen - direct from McCordsville, Indiana, left us one great 45.
She still thinks I love her B/W
Satisfied on Prism 1930.

The Noblemen played around Indianapolis quite often, but seem to have very little known about them. The 45 shows "Crouch & Wilhelm" and "Spencer" as songwriters. I know a James Spencer had a Prism records connection, but maybe that is a coincidence. Any info is appreciated!


. said... you know where that picture was taken? looks like fountain square.

& where did you find that want ad? the star?

thanks a MILLION, by the way, for the whiteland barn video...amazing!!!

vinylfool said...

It looks like Fountain Square to me.

I found the ad in Franklin paper of all places! It just caught my eye.

Now we need to identify the Band in the video.........

Anonymous said...

My father co-wrote that song and sung on the record. I do poses a 45 pictured. I also poses letters written about it. I also poses unpublished hand written music penned by my father.

Any information anyone can share would be appreciated as his brother is near death and our family would cherish passing the info along to him. ( emc2jc "at" )

Joe Campton said...

The Noblemen.. Chuck LaRue on drums, Rex Cauldwell on guitar, and I think Jim Mollenkopf on guitar.

Joe Campton said...

The Noblemen.....Chuck LaRue on drums, Rex Cauldwell on guitar, and I think Jim Mollenkopf on guitar

Unknown said...

I was an avid fan. Was Present Everytime they Regularly played for Saturdaynight YMCA dances in Peru,Indiana. Chuck La Rue and I became friends. Often wondered where his life took him after those days👍🏼⚘🤔🙏