Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Intakes - Combo Clash '66

The Intakes, another entry in the 1966 Indiana State Fair "Combo Clash".
Members included (left to right):
Ralph Wilson - lead guitar
Jack Moore - Lead singer & tambourine
Mike Rowls - Bass guitar
Ken Noble - rhythm guitar
Mike Graves - Drums

The Intakes acquired the name by leafing through a dictionary of course! The "band" vehicle was a '51 hearse and naturally it was black! Playing the grittier tunes of the Animals, Kinks, and Rolling Stones, the group knew that original material was what made it worthwhile.

Mike Rowls is quoted as:
"Many adults don't care for this type of music because there is so much protest in the lyrics. If you protest in a song, it is against your present life or government and in a sense that is protesting against adults of today."

Wonder if Mike still feels the same way............what a drag it is getting old! Let's find these guys and find out if they left some recorded legacy behind!

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